Meet Ringer Star

Ringer Star

A newcomer to the scene, Ringer Star took the International Beatle Entertainment Community by storm in 2013, making his debut in the U.S., Canada, Liverpool and Brazil.

Ringer causes quite a stir wherever he appears, cheerfully being photographed with hundreds of fans, and has been referred to as the best current Ringo Starr tribute artist in the world. He has what some are saying is a "Frightening resemblance to The Man Himself," not only in looks but also as a performer, singing and playing drums.

In less than one year of traveling to Beatle events across the globe as Ringer Star, he has been asked to do several interviews on radio, television and newsprint, tape promotional videos for Beatle events and perform with, and share stages with the likes of Stan Perkins (legendary son of the late Carl Perkins), Mark Hudson (Previously a Producer for Ringo Starr), Joey Molland (Badfinger), and ex-members of Wings.

Now embarking on his sixth year as a Sir Ringo Starr Tribute Artist, Ringer Star Has performed over thirty shows in eight countries multiple times and has had over eighteenth supporting All Star Bands around the world including...

Liverpool England, Belgium, Finland, Mexico City, Brazil, Lima and Tacna Peru, U.S. and Canada.

Michael has a genuine endless love and respect for music, and for all the artists who write and perform so incredibly.

Ringer Starr
Ringer Starr
Ringer Starr
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